Hannah's Reasons are going to be a weekly post uploaded on the blog where I talk about characters from TV shows that I adore. The amount of reasons may vary from post to post, but the topic will remain the same. I hope you enjoy! Now onto the post!
Let's talk about my love of Abigail Mills. 
In case you live under a rock in the farthest corners of Mt. Nowhere, Abigail Mills is one of the main characters in the new TV series Sleepy Hollow. There are several things that make Abby one of the most important characters on TV right now, but I will just name three.
Look at her. She could whoop your ass in three seconds flat. http://www.geekquality.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/sleepyhollow-abbie.jpg
Number 1: Yay! Black women!
Abby Mills is a WOC (woman of color). Many people will just shrug that off as if its not important but let's look at the stats: Of the 33 new shows that have aired since September 9, only three of them have black actors and actresses as main cast members. And only one has a black woman as the star. Can you guess which one that is? 
The Internet is always in an uproar over representation in the media. POC (people of color) gays, lesbians, and plenty of other underrepresented minorities (even though they are hardly minorities anymore) are desperately lacking roles of substance, or even, roles at all. Not to mention the embarrassing lack of actors of color in science fiction and super natural TV shows ( are you telling me that only one person of color exist in your post-apocalyptic world, Defiance?).
But, most importantly, Abby Mills' race is not the main point of her character. In fact, her race has been brought up only once during the entire show (by out-of-time Icabod Crane). She isn't a loud, finger-snapping, neck-rolling, sex-crazed black girl stereotype. Abby is a realistic character that isn't defined by her physical attributes. Now, was that so hard to do, TV casting?
Number 2: Abby Mills is wonderfully flawed.
Yeah sure, during the series so far, Abby has been kicking ass, taking names, and making us swoon with her sheer awesome-ness. But, she is far more than just a conventional, strong female character. Instead, Abby has shown that she is arrogant as she refused to believe what was right in front of her (ie Icabod Crane's entire life story). She has also shown that she is selfish, when she **SPOILER ALERT** left her sister high and dry and let the police carry off her only living relative to a life of asylum living. 
With these flaws, Abagail Mills is a truly well rounded character, filled to the brim with ups and downs and overly priced Starbucks coffee. 

Number 3: Abagail Mills isn't taking any of Crane's sarcastic shit
Poor Icabod Crane. Dropped into the 21st century, with no idea as to where he is, and why he's here. His home of Sleepy Hollow has changed so drastically over the years he's been in a magically induced coma. And, to top it all off, here comes a short, abrasive woman who isn't taking any of his British bullshit. Poor, poor Icabod Crane. 
Abby Mills is a level-headed, hard knocking, clear thinking kind of woman. Always have been it seems. So, when she is faced with adversity, such as some old-timely British guy with a superfluous vocabulary and amazing cheekbones, Abby does what she does best. She grabs him by the ear, tells him what he is and isn't going to do under her watchful eyes, and keeps him well in hand and in line. She slowly teaches Crane the ways of the 21st century and has him solving religious and occult puzzles in no time. Way to go, Abby. 

So, with those three reasons in mind, Abigail Mills is surely the best character on TV this season (well ok, to me she is the best). There are plenty of other reasons why she's awesome. Like her love of donut holes. Or how her hair is always perfect. Or the fact that she hasn't screamed once during the entire show. I can go on, really. Just watch Sleepy Hollow yourself, and see why she's awesome. 


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