Comics, action figures, and tons of lego bricks were abundant at the Memphis Comic and Fantasy convention. From November 15-17, the Memphis Comic and Fantasy convention convened at the Hilton of Memphis. Discussions about Harry Potter, Dr. Who, steampunk, and superheroes were held in conference rooms on the first floor lobby of the hotel. Cosplayers flocked and fluttered around the convention, striking poses for pictures and goofing off with one another.  

PictureAn Attack on Titan cosplayer. I squealed.
“It is really fun” says attendee Ryann Mazar, who was dressed as Raven from the Teen Titans. “I'm more of a comics person. So that's why I came here.” Mazar commented that it took her two months to prepare her costume just for the event.

Others came dressed as comic book heroes, cartoon and TV characters as well. But all were there to enjoy the conventions festivites. One such festivity was a Q&A held by the convention's special guest, Jess Harnell, who voiced wacky Wakko from cult hit Animaniacs.

Other events were held, such as a Lego car race, proving that this convention was family-friendly as well. Dylan and Marc Willis were a father and son duo who attended the convention as well, “This is important,” Dylan said. “It is a lot of creativity.”

That creativity was seen in the vendors of the convetion, who lined the walls, selling their wares, varying from books and comics, to toys, handmade items, and sketches.

“It is very well organized here,” said K.S. Daniels, author of the Valkyrie Trilogy. Daniels had a booth set up at the convention, where she sold her books and talked with fans. “It is better to have a book and a panel” she said. “It's a good way to meet fans.”

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