“We are the Crystal Gems. We always save the day. And if you think we can't we'll always find a way!”

Today, it is a triple threat of awesome. Steven Universe is a cartoon on Cartoon Network that premiered Nov. 4 of this year. It is a story about a boy, Steven, with a gem in his belly and, with the help of three magical girls, they save the day from certain destruction.

The three lovely ladies of Steven Universe are all my favorite characters: Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst. Rebecca Sugar, creator of Steven Universe, really made a hit with these three characters. Read on to find out why they are A+ material.  

The obvious leader of the Crystal Gems is Garnet. She is headstrong and worthy of all of your unadulterated adoration. An amazon among her colleagues, Garnet is recognizable by her large, square afro and her magic gems, which are two red garnets embedded into the palms of her hands. Why is she amazing, you ask? Well, for starters, she's voiced by the immaculate British songstress, Estelle. Garnet may have only a few words to say, but she is powerful as wields her Mighty Gauntlets of Pain (my unofficial name for her weapons). Truly, she is a British force to be reckoned with.

Fighting with a spear, Pearl is the brains of the Crystal Gems. She's a perfectionist and is very analytical. Her ballerina-style as she summons her weapon from a pearl on her forehead shot my heart with its sweetness. Pearl may scoff at some of Steven's antics, but she cares deeply for the boy, and proves that when she helps to buy a discontinued ice cream that Steven loves. If that didn't break down your cold, hard facade, I don't know what will. On top of all of that, Pearl is poetic. Her fighting style is much more graceful than Amethyst's or Garnet's, and there is a quality of rhythm even when she speaks of the power of the gems. Her aesthetics are adorable, and I have a weak spot for short hair.

What can I say about Amethyst that you can't find out for yourself? Vivacious and supa dupa fly, Amethyst just might be my spirit guide. Her gem, a purple amethyst, is embedded on her chest which, when activated, summons her energy whip. She has an energy whip. Her wild lavender hair seems to perfectly complement her rough and tumble personality. Amethyst seems to be the most open with Steven. She is willing to rough-house with him, and even gives him some insight on the missions that Steven isn't quite ready to attend. Amethyst may be wild and a bit unpredictable, but dammit, she's the only one willing to hurl herself towards a giant, flying eye that was threating all of humanity! She gets points for that.

So, basically, Steven Universe is amazing. And also, I love Steven. His back story is tragic and beautiful and I can't wait to learn more of his gorgeous mother and hilarious dad. It is really about time that America got a good magical girl (and boy) TV show, and this one seems very promising. The characters are easy to relate to and perfectly outrageous. The art is gorgeous and the aesthetics of each character tells a story all on their own. And, just for brownie points, two WOC magical girls! One with a British accent and an afro! I can't possibly ask for anything else. I bow to you, Rebecca Sugar. Also, please, make figurines of the characters as soon as possible. I need them.

Also if you are not convinced, here's a video of Steven singing of his love of an ice cream treat.



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