Hey, ya'll! Welcome to Nerd News. A Memphis based blog on geek and/or nerd culture in the Mid-South. Memphis, TN is becoming a budding mecca for nerd pop culture, and tons of people are scrambling to find out its treasures buried within. With conventions, LARPing (live action role play), cosplay (costume play), and tons of other geek related happenings, Memphis is quickly becoming Tennessee's nerd capital.

There will be plenty of articles on local events, such as the Memphis Fantasy and Comic convention, and national news of the nerdy kind. Loads of pictures chronicling the happenings in Memphis, and awesome cosplay will be posted. And maybe some crying about Sherlock as well. Also, some Disney posts if the interest strikes, since Disney Geeks are still geeks.

Along with Memphis based conventions and the like, this would will also post about the sexism that women face every day in geek society. It is a shameful and ever present aspect in a geek girl's life, and needs to be discussed thoroughly in order for it to dissipate into obscurity soon.

If you would please head over to the About Me  section to get some insight on the author of this blog, that would be great. Enjoy your stay!



Mr. Dee
12/05/2013 7:14pm

Nice job!
What is nerd culture?
How about a definition.. kind of sort of explanation...


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