Here on Nerd News Memphis, we are doing something different. Instead of a TV show with characters I like, I'd like to discuss a podcast with characters I like. Podcasts have become a new form of media. This media let's artists, journalists, radio personalities, and many others use the expansiveness of the internet to reach larger audiences. One podcast in particular has caught the attention of thousands of internet surfers: Welcome to Nightvale. Set in the fictitious desert town of Nightvale, WTNV is a faux radio show hosted by smooth voiced and omnipotent Cecil Baldwin. Cecil talks about the on-goings of his beloved town, Nightvale, which is like if the Twilight Zone was eaten by Cthulu. Cecil Baldwin is my favorite radio host, who doesn't actually exist, who is as sweet as he is frightening.    

“We are the Crystal Gems. We always save the day. And if you think we can't we'll always find a way!”

Today, it is a triple threat of awesome. Steven Universe is a cartoon on Cartoon Network that premiered Nov. 4 of this year. It is a story about a boy, Steven, with a gem in his belly and, with the help of three magical girls, they save the day from certain destruction.

The three lovely ladies of Steven Universe are all my favorite characters: Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst. Rebecca Sugar, creator of Steven Universe, really made a hit with these three characters. Read on to find out why they are A+ material.  

Hannah's Reasons are going to be a weekly post uploaded on the blog where I talk about characters from TV shows that I adore. The amount of reasons may vary from post to post, but the topic will remain the same. I hope you enjoy! Now onto the post!
Let's talk about my love of Abigail Mills. 
In case you live under a rock in the farthest corners of Mt. Nowhere, Abigail Mills is one of the main characters in the new TV series Sleepy Hollow. There are several things that make Abby one of the most important characters on TV right now, but I will just name three.